NQ!-Music Disc

After releasing Pentomino last year, I got many feedback of people who liked the music. And as a big ay-chiptune fan and also a big fan of n1k-o, who is the composer of the Pentomino-music, I decided to do a music-disc, featuring only songs from him.
After getting the permission from n1k-o, the music-disc finally plays 26 songs, choosen by me. Cause of the very crooked different frequency of the ay in the sinclair (where all the tunes come from), they sound not always the same on our Amstrad and many of them, I had to fine-tune. Some, which I wanted to use, were nearly impossible to convert, so the choosen-ones are not the 26 best, in my opinion, but the 26 best, I could get up and running on CPC.

Since I joined forces with HAL6128 again, the great gfx was completely made by him. As only playing the songs is a little bit boring, and I wanted to play around a little bit with the crtc and the plus, I implemented the CRTC-register 3 equalizer (I think this will not work on TFT but on original monitors. Also the picture in Winape shakes a little bit, in JavaCPC it’s ok.).
The pictures use 32k-Overscan and because I wanted to be compatible with 64kB, I have to reload some stuff, to arrange everything in the memory. But when you use the cartridge version or something like the M4, this doesn’t matter at all.
As mentioned above, I wanted to play around with plus-sprites, so the demo detects if it is running on a plus and then enables (randomised) one of 4 different note-movements. 3 of them use 14 multiplexed plus sprites at the same time, so that you can see 28 notes on screen.

Space, Fire or Cursor/Joy1 right: next song
Cursor/Joy1 left: previous song
P: disables notes for current song on plus
UP: speeds-up the movement of the notes on plus
DOWN: slows the movement of the notes down

Should be run on any CPC or Plus including GX4000.

Hope, you have fun,


Bad Arnold

Bad Arnold

This is my try to make a Bad Apple-Version for an enhanced CPC. Our machine was missing one, so here it is.

You can start start the demo and watch the intro with at least 128kB RAM (eg. CPC 6128) but you need 1MB RAM and a Playcity to watch the full Bad Apple animation. With less RAM you can only watch a part of it and the CPC will eventually crash after it used the available amount of RAM.

Have Fun,



Welcome to our newest production.

Pentomino is a puzzle-game where you have to solve 464 different puzzles, split into:

  • 32 easy puzzles where you’ll have to place two token
  • 216 medium puzzles with three token
  • 216 hard puzzles where you’ll have to place four token

Additionally during the fourth game-mode, you’ll have to solve all 464 puzzles against the clock.

The first three modes start the puzzles randomized, the fourth-mode, the survival-mode, starts always with the same puzzle. The game consists of 15 different token.

Pentomino runs on every CPC, both Plus and also on the GX4000. Different image-types are provided in the zip-archive.

After the complicated Defence with all it’s balancing and bankswitching to squeeze everything out of the 128kB, I decided to take a little “break” and do something less complex, which doesn’t take additional 3 years. So I decided to code something especially for my big son (6 years old). And as he likes a board game like Pentomino, I decided to go this way.

As you may have noticed above, I spoke about “our newest production” and I’m glad that, after doing Defence alone, I teamed up with HAL6128 who did a fantastic work doing all the graphics.

Again, I used some fantastic tunes, composed by MmcM. Thank you!

Although we don’t use real Pentominoes all around, if you are interested about the term, you can read about Pentominoes at Wikipedia: Pentomino

It was quite a big challenge to fit everything into the 64kB of RAM I wanted to use to satisfy all machines but I had much fun doing it ;). The memory between 0x40 and 0xFFFF is nearly completely used by me (operating system is disabled). Only 204 bytes are left.


And now have fun! 



The ZIP-File contains the manual and following images:

– Disk-Image (DSK)

– Tape-Image (CDT)

– Cartridge-Image (CPR)

Have Fun !

Polyplay liked my game and made a physical collectors edition of the game. Just for your information: I liked the idea to have this physical edition very much and I don’t earn any money with it. I’m just proud, that it exists.

You can buy the physical copy of Pentomino at Polyplay.

Configuration Collector’s Edition:
  • 3″ floppy disk or 3.5″ floppy disk or tape
  • MicroSD card including disk images, soundtrack and more
  • an analog pentomino game made of wood
  • Cardboard box with slipcase
  • 4-page manual (DIN A5, English)
  • DIN A3 poster
  • shrink-wrapped
Pentomino on the Internet






Thank you! You keep retro-gaming alive.

When you publish something about my productions or you are aware of an article not mentioned here, please let me know.



Defence is a so-called tower defense game written by me during the years 2014-2016.
Your task is to prevent the enemies to reach their goals by placing weapons around the playground. In the best case, you place the weapons in a way, which forces the ground enemies in a maze.

The game should run on every CPC and Plus with 6128 compatible 128kB RAM and floppy drive (AMSDOS and PARADOS (ROM7 and ROM6) tested) but was only tested on Emulator, real 6128 and real 6128+. Please give the fantastic music a try on a real machine!

See the manual for more details: Defence_Manual.

Defence is available as :


Sorry, due to the lack of working disks, no more physical editions!

  • Physical personalized disk edition.

    • You get a real cover including:
      • The game on 3″ or 3.5″ disk (your choice).
      • The manual printed.
      • Soundtrack on Vinyl-CDR including the digital-edition.





  • Personalized digital edition.

    • You get the game, personalized to you, as dsk and hfe-files.
    • Of course, you get the manual.
    • You get the soundtrack, downloadable as mp3-files.
    • You support my further cpc game developments.

See below how to buy one of the personalized editions of Defence.

Some screenshots:





















Personalized editions of Defence:

The two personalized editions show your name at several positions ingame and the scroll in the main menu will thank you for your support.

The freeware edition plays exactly like the other two. So there is no rip-off or something like that forcing you to buy a personalized-one! But I found it a nice idea to offer these personalized editions because new (and especially personalized) releases are rare these days.

  • You can buy the personalized digital edition for 10€ via the PayPal-button below.
  • You get the personalized physical edition for 20€ including shipping worldwide (uninsured, no tracking).

Please don’t forget to include the name to which I should personalize the game to. Also, if you like to get the physical edition, please provide which disk-type you want.