Defence is a so-called tower defense game written by me during the years 2014-2016.
Your task is to prevent the enemies to reach their goals by placing weapons around the playground. In the best case, you place the weapons in a way, which forces the ground enemies in a maze.

The game should run on every CPC and Plus with 6128 compatible 128kB RAM and floppy drive (AMSDOS and PARADOS (ROM7 and ROM6) tested) but was only tested on Emulator, real 6128 and real 6128+. Please give the fantastic music a try on a real machine!

See the manual for more details: Defence_Manual.

Defence is available as :


Sorry, due to the lack of working disks, no more physical editions!

  • Physical personalized disk edition.

    • You get a real cover including:
      • The game on 3″ or 3.5″ disk (your choice).
      • The manual printed.
      • Soundtrack on Vinyl-CDR including the digital-edition.





  • Personalized digital edition.

    • You get the game, personalized to you, as dsk and hfe-files.
    • Of course, you get the manual.
    • You get the soundtrack, downloadable as mp3-files.
    • You support my further cpc game developments.

See below how to buy one of the personalized editions of Defence.

Some screenshots:





















Personalized editions of Defence:

The two personalized editions show your name at several positions ingame and the scroll in the main menu will thank you for your support.

The freeware edition plays exactly like the other two. So there is no rip-off or something like that forcing you to buy a personalized-one! But I found it a nice idea to offer these personalized editions because new (and especially personalized) releases are rare these days.

  • You can buy the personalized digital edition for 10€ via the PayPal-button below.
  • You get the personalized physical edition for 20€ including shipping worldwide (uninsured, no tracking).

Please don’t forget to include the name to which I should personalize the game to. Also, if you like to get the physical edition, please provide which disk-type you want.


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